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The Mindful Parent Team

Two mama founders who are passionate about personal and professional wellness and getting the balance right in life.

Sara and Zoë have been friends since school and have supported each other with the daily struggles -and often comical experiences- of parenthood. Initially deciding to embark on a business journey together to spread the importance of promoting long term self care for parents, The Mindful Parent now share the love with businesses, too.

Our Mission

We aim to nurture mindfulness and self kindness in order to support people in developing tools for long term wellbeing.

Our Values

Commitment to provide the most up to date knowledge, advice, recommendations and activities, drawing on a psychological evidence base

Passion to support businesses in delivering genuine messages of self care


A place of non-judgement for all new parents with the transition to parenthood and promoting parental wellbeing.

"Because self care is more than just bubble bath and chocolate"

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